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Prince Tamaki - Made By Me

anime_rapture in anime_colorbar

Ouran Colorbars Which Are Really Lovebars....

Hello.... Love this community.... Seems as though it has be losing traffic though.... 1st time poster.... Also, does the layout look funny to anyone else? Like where the 2nd column covers half the entry?

{EDIT}[5] Ouran High School Host Club
--[2] Tamaki
--[1] Kyouya
--[2] Host Club

Tamaki Is Dork Love

{X} Credit, the bars should already link back to me....
{X} Hotlinking, I don't really care, but I would upload it just incase something happens with my PhotoBucket account....
{X} I am aware that these might be big when viewed on smaller resolutions((I have 1280x1024)) so feel free to resize these....
{X} Comments Are ♥


lol the second one is awesome ^_^ taking
Lol, I was wondering why I hadn't seen one made with the random face they make....
Ah I love them!
Grabbing the Mom one! :]
Wonderful! I'm taking the last one!
Lovely color bars, though I've never seen the show. ^_^ And yes, the layout is rather funky at the moment.
Ok, I think it could be fixed easily if they centered the alignment, that way, whatever resolution you run, it will look ok....
ooh wow. love the last one!!
I love all them but the 3rd is super! XDDD
I <3 all of em! I love this series! Great job! ^.^
Good job!
Taking the first "The host club's expressions are love" bar n_n!

I love all your bars! I'm gonna use take them all and use them one by one and will credit you and link you back. I will change the size so they're more manageable. Thanks!
Teehee to the expressions. Am snagging the rainbow one and crediting!
Tamaki is Dork~
Tagged. Thank you. x]

is taking second tamaki and last ouran expressions colorbars...

and there's nothing you can do to stop her, ELOL!!!!

(crediting of coursey)
I am so using these, there are gorgeous <3
I think I want the first expressions are love one and the tamaki is dork love. Yes I'll take 'em.
Snagging the Kyouya colorbar. Will credit if I use it. :)
Snagged 2,3 & 4. Will credit if use. Thanks! ^^
snagging the last one!!! thanks so much <3
Great work! Snagging the Tamaki dork one!
LOVE THEM! Taking the expressions one. :3
Nabbing the last one! Will credit <333
Definitely taking the first "expressions" XD

using the second one

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