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Hello everybody.
INFO updated the 15/03/07
Welcome to anime_colorbar community.
This community is especially for you to share your anime colorbars (or request one).
I always really like colorbars but it's when I found that there was just one colorbar community that I decided to do one especially anime/manga-related.

So basically a few rules:
Allowed posts
I think this community should stay focused on anime related stuff. But if you feel like posting video games colorbars, anime-related colorbars (like mangaka, seiyuu etc..) or other cartoons ( like Kim Possible, X-Men evolution) colorbars, I won't ban you. I just don't want the community flooded with these posts. Basically it is anime colorbars. Just want to add that I have a soft spot for j-rockers

1. All COLORBARS should be put under a LJ-CUT.

2. All the links in REQUESTS should be put under a LJ-CUT too.

3. So basically, EVERYTHING should be LJ-CUT on the page. I know it sucks but when you get to know me, you know I'm a mean mean woman so I make mean rules well, it's commen sense. You'll be happy you won't have distorded friends page because of that.

4. Please write somewhere the name of the anime and the characters featured in your colorbars. You can also add them in the TAGS (we're working on it) so other members can easily find your colorbar in the future.

5. NO POSTS without either a request or a colorbar (to keep stuff clean).

6. Put your rules about CREDIT and HOTLINKING just to be sure (in the LJ-cut!!).

7. NO ADS for others communities. If you have a colorbar related or anime request (icon/layouts banner etc..) community, you can contact me and we might be affiliates.

8. YAOI etc.. allowed as long as you put a warning somewhere in your entries (not after the picture for example).


HELP, how to make a proper request?
HELP, how do I make a colorbar and how do I post it in the community?
HELP, how can I help people finding my colorbar in the future?
HELP, my question is not answered in the rules?

Don't be afraid to spread the news.

Moderators : pluhzee with aricat4 ,mienai_hoshi tokyo

I have great designers with me.
They have a really cool colorbars design style and they are just waiting for you to request something.
  • __colormysaber
  • lord_fluffy
  • omni_dragon
  • romy_chan
  • sakura_ken

    If you are interested in becoming a designer or just helping out in the community, please look

  • acb_contest
  • ygo_color
  • colorbar_req
  • _anime_graphic
  • werulecolors
  • jpopaddme


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